Radiant Man takes George’s vision deep. Released late this past spring, the album is an intimate chapbook of conversations with people lost and people found. Each song on the album begins as a message to a single person (occasionally, perhaps, the writer himself). Instead of having an audience of 76,000 or so, these songs are heartfelt, tear-stained letters tucked onto kitchen tables, into purses, mailed way too late…or presented courageously at a funeral service.” Mike Warren – KCUR

““Christmas Ain’t a Drag” at the Madrid, 3810 Main St.: Kansas City singer/songwriter David George, leader of David George and A Crooked Mile, has written a holiday musical to be presented for the first time this weekend in his hometown.” Timothy Finn – The Kansas City Star

“It’s catchy. It’s home-grown. And it’s designed to taunt. It’s “Hey, Kansas City!”, the Chiefs’ new touchdown celebration song at Arrowhead Stadium. The song was selected by Chiefs fans via 11 days of online and in-app voting. “Hey, Kansas City!” earned 45.9 percent of the total vote. The song was written by David George, who grew up in Kansas City among other places, and is performed by his band, David George & A Crooked Mile. “It is an honor to even be considered for this opportunity. To then have the Chiefs fans vote for ‘Hey, Kansas City!’ to be the new touchdown song is unimaginable,” George said in a Chiefs press release. “Much of the feedback we received from Chiefs fans was that they wanted to retain the feeling and intimidation factor that comes when 75,000-plus fans chant in unison,” Chiefs president Mark Donovan said. “Because the fan chant is not part of the Gary Glitter song and was added by Chiefs fans, we asked David George to incorporate that element in the beat.” Fox Sports News – Fox Sports News

“This new song that made me pull over? I was just the twenty-eighth person to Shazam it. That means you could count the number of radio stations that were playing it on one hand and have fingers to spare. Shazam said the song is called “So You.” It’s by David George and A Crooked Mile. They’re from Kansas City. And thanks to The Bridge I know about them. No one else was going to tell me. Armed with the information I needed (I would buy the song that night), I pulled back onto the street and went on my way. But when “So You” hurtled toward its end and then slammed headlong into an all-time classic by The Clash, that’s when I nearly crashed my car. The combination of The Only Band That Matters and the only song that mattered in that moment was almost too much to bear.” Michael Atchison – / News

““Hey Kansas City!” by David George and a Crooked Mile has been selected as the new Chiefs touchdown song, and George, a fan of the team since the days of Hank Stram and quarterback Len Dawson, could not be happier. “I can’t even grasp it yet,” George explained in a phone interview Wednesday. “It’s an honor, above and beyond, but it’s something that I just can’t put my finger on right now. It’s a weird feeling.” Pete Sweeney –

“Performing alongside as a former member of John Fogerty’s touring band, George comes by his approach honestly. Performing alongside the man who wrote Creedence Clearwater Revival songs like “Proud Mary” refined George’s approach. His original material like “Shine” resonates with the deceptive simplicity of classic Creedence.” Bill Brownlee – Ink Magazine – KC

“You have to love an acoustic set that features both cello and trombone. Local songwriter David George, playing with guitarist Ben Byrd and cellist Christine Gross (“two-fourths” of his band A Crooked Mile) opened with new songs “All in All” and “Damn the Love,” and his gently gravelly voice worked just right in this setting. Closing song “Lover in Me,” with guest trombone, primed the crowd perfectly for Tilbrook’s one-man magic show.”
Mike Warren – The Pitch Weekly

“After a 16-show tour of Canada, George performed with Fogerty on “Late Night With David Letterman,” “The View” and “The Tonight Show” and at the release party for Fogerty’s new album, “Wrote a Song for Everyone.” In November, Fogerty and the band were one of two acts to perform at a private birthday party in Las Vegas. The other: Paul McCartney and his band.” Timothy Finn – Kansas City Star

“David George is a damn busy man this holiday season. In addition to a reunion of his former band, Moaning Lisa, at the Riot Room on Friday, December 27, he’s organizing a benefit show at RecordBar on Sunday, December 15, entitled Coats for Kids. Getting a few bands together and giving the door takings to a charity isn’t a new concept, by any means, but George is the man behind all three acts playing the benefit this Sunday. Before a headlining set from his band the Crooked Mile, he’s fronting the Crooked Christmas Revue, playing a selection of holiday numbers written by George himself. The whole evening’s kicked off by George and a string quartet interpreting some of his solo material.” Nick Spacek – The Pitch Weekly (Kansas City)

“Next up was David George and cellist Christine Gross doing a stripped-down six-song set of Crooked Mile tunes that had the crowd that was ready to ride off and rob the Glendale Train with Loaded Goat a few minutes before paying rapt attention so as not to miss any of his subtle turns of songwriting phrase.” Michelle Bacon – The Deli

“First to arrive: a who-cares, all-girl, teenybopper band. First to arrive of any interest: The David George Band. I’ll admit it; I am a sucker for good-looking guys and they are eye-candy all the way, so I’m hoping they sound as good as they look. There’s nothing worse than being attracted to the boys in a band and discovering that their music blows. [Note: since this printing, I had a chance to see the band as they came off their month-long residency at the Cat Club. And yes, David George’s music (think Crowded House with a Neil Diamond-like crooner), lives up to the band’s sex appeal—keep them on your radar.] Drummer Kelly King’s been in the D.G. band for the past year and tells me he’s most excited about seeing his buddy, drummer Kenny Aronoff. “We live in the same building and we never get to see each other.” Taylor Van Arsdale –