“This new song that made me pull over? I was just the twenty-eighth person to Shazam it. That means you could count the number of radio stations that were playing it on one hand and have fingers to spare. Shazam said the song is called “So You.” It’s by David George and A Crooked Mile. They’re from Kansas City. And thanks to The Bridge I know about them. No one else was going to tell me. Armed with the information I needed (I would buy the song that night), I pulled back onto the street and went on my way. But when “So You” hurtled toward its end and then slammed headlong into an all-time classic by The Clash, that’s when I nearly crashed my car. The combination of The Only Band That Matters and the only song that mattered in that moment was almost too much to bear.” Michael Atchison – Bridge909.org / News