Wanna know what I’ve up to during the pandemic? Writing, writing writing. And not just music. I have a dozen or more songs I’ve been demoing, but I have also adapted my stageplay “Christmas Ain’t A Drag” to the big screen and hoping for word on that soon!

I also managed to finish my first novel, “Bear & The Future King” — a story I have been working on for almost twenty years! It was originally a screenplay I wrote during my days in Hollywood. I thought it was a great story and decided to turn it into an amazing new tale. It’s the story of King Arthur before he pulls the sword from the stone and the people he meets on his journey.

I am very excited to have new music coming out, but until then I recently recorded and produced a single for my dear friend, David Luther. The song is a brilliant homage to our hometown called “Home To Kansas City”. I also directed and shot a DIY video for the song. CLICK HERE to view!

Check out this video and song that was created a year ago when the pandemic hit! “When We All Come Together” is a song featuring almost 100 Kansas City musicians of all ages and backgrounds. The song is dedicated to KC musicians and those who work behind the scenes as well. All money from downloads goes to Midwest Music Foundation, an amazing non-profit that helps struggling musicians in the Kansas City area.

Click Here to watch!

Here's to 2021 coming out of this pandemic and may we all find a little love in the music and share it with others around us.


with John Fogerty
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David George solo acoustic

Shawnee, KS